Monday, August 23, 2010

New Blog Up & Running

Hi Folks,

Been a while but I've got a new blog up and running on Wordpress, more focused on cycling and my various other rantings. As this is my running blog, and I'm not really running as I've got too heavy again, I'm into the cycling for now. Feel free to have a look at the new blog on the link above.



Sunday, December 13, 2009

Blog Update

Oh, I should really update the Masthead and my profile, as things have moved on a bit. Maybe I should start a new blog with a redirect from here, to take account of my changing circumstances. Part of the reason I'm not blogging here, is the fact that my circumstances have changed, in that I'm not running as such.

Have to give that some thought.


Still making progress.....

I know I've not "blogged" on here for a long time, but I'm still on the bike, lost two stone and still motivated. Although, the last couple of weeks have not been great due to travelling and various other work endevours which have taken up my time. So next week I'll have to try and go easy but do a bit more. Also the diet has drifted a bit, so need to make a conscious effort to sort it out again.

Thats that happens when you have some small success, I have "slid" a bit back into old habits on the food front. I need to "arrest" that NOW, and do more on the bike. I'm still not at running weight, but I'm keen to get there, still a good bit of weight to shift otherwise my knees/shins won't take it.

Still, I'm pleased so far, not lets make sure I carry on.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sloooow Progress..........

I continue to lose weight each week, but its happening very slowly despite the strict control I now have on my diet, and the amount of exercise I'm taking. Currenly cycling about 90 miles a week, and consuming about 2500 calories per day leaving a calorie deficit that WILL ensure I lose weight. I expected it to drop off a little faster at the start, I normally can rely on 6 or 7 pounds in the first week, but not this time, more like 2 pounds. Nothing wrong with that of course, its going in the right direction.

Thats been the theme over the last few weeks, small amounts of weight loss, but I've got a lot to lose and this could take a while. Maybe this is the difference between running and cyclings, the higher impact of carrying your own body weight means you burn more calories then cycling and hence the greater weight loss. Once I get to a reasonable weight I'll start running a little again as well I think.

Anyway, its going in the right direction, and if I keep doing what I'm doing it can't go any other direction except down.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Making Progress

The good news is that I'm making good progress. I'm out on the bike 5-6 days a week, and the weight is definitely coming off. However, its a lot slower then I was expecting. I'm eating well, proper amounts of proper food, and getting lots of exercise in. I was expecting a bit more progress to be honest, I only lost 1 pound at this mornings weigh in. Perhaps its a consequence of getting older? Who knows. I'm not too concerned, at least its weight off, and not on.

In the meantime, I've been persuaded to sign up for this by my neighbour. Its not until next May, so plenty of time to build the base and endurance on the bike. Hes just come back from climbing a few hill in France, those of you who are cyclists will know that means he fairly fit. So I'm not expecting to keep up with him, but its nice to have a goal to aim at. I need to find a couple of shorter ones before May as part of the training build up.

Hopefully the weight will start to drop off a bit faster, although I am noticing it in a few areas, I'd like verification by jumping on the scales each Monday morning and see more then a pound a week reduction.

Ever onwards........

Monday, August 10, 2009

A New Dawn........

I've done my weigh in this morning, and the numbers are not pretty, although hardly a surprise either. So the proper eating starts today, proper amounts of proper food. I'll try and get 3 meals a day with fruit snacks in between. I'm waiting for my new bike to arrive this week and am planning my cycling campaign prior to that arriving.

I work from home a lot, so I'm planning to do my morning commute to work. I'll leave home and cycle to work, which basically means I'll leave my house and cycle back to my house after getting a few miles in. And working from home was supposed to be easy ;0) Makes sense to me anyway, I'm not sure how long my commute will take me, but to start with I guess 10-15 miles,

I'm not sure what I'm comfortable with until I get on the bike. I don't want to rush into things in the early weeks or I'll leave myself to suffer lots of muscle pain from the exercise, and that will certainly put me off. In my mind I remember 30-40 mile cycles at an average speed of 20mph or thereabouts, and that was after running 10 miles in the morning. Ahhhhh, the good old days..........

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Can I remember how to blog????

Its been a very long time, and in the time I've managed to do some very significant damage to my fitness. Basically, I don't have any, and need to get my fat lazy arse out the door to do something again.

So, this is like confession, I'm hoping I can shame myself into sorting myself out again. Although, I'm back to scratch and have to lose weight in the order of "stones" not just pounds. I've ordered a new bike, a Trek FX 7.7 Hybrid, which should arrive next week, so a significant investment in getting out the door. I also own a Trek Madone 5.5 Road Bike but can't get comfortable on it with all the weight I'm carrying. I also have a Kona Mountain Bike, but it feels too small for me. I think I made a mistake with the size when I bought it and didn't realise until it was too late. I've never been entirely happy with it. Anyway, wifey wants to use it and she is planning to join me in my endeavours.

I have no hope of running at the moment, too heavy and that will be months off before I'd even try. Although this started out as a running blog, I'll see if I can use it to motivate myself through sorting out my diet, starting on the bike and see if I can get back to running eventually.

Or you might not hear from me again for several more months, I'm not telling you what I weigh, its too embarrassing, but if/when I lose any, I'll tell you that. Suffice to say, I have done NO exercise and eaten all the wrong kinds of food for the past 18 months, its a disaster really.

Lets see what happens.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Its been a while......

I've not blogged for quite a while now, and after making a few false starts I'm sitting here planning my comeback. Mind you I have a long way to recover, I'm totally unfit now, and I've piled on a "ton" of weight which is going to take time to shift again. I'm afraid thats typical of me, I'm either all in or all out.

My decision to commit this to paper might help me get back in groove though. At least thats what I'm hoping. I know what to do, I know how to do it, but I need to get committed to the cause and make it happen.

Come on lardy arse, get out the door and do something............

Saturday, December 08, 2007

It really is a daily struggle

Having found myself injured with a Stress Fracture to my right leg, being forced to "bin" the marathon in Dublin, which I had done a lot of training for. But, as you may have gathered from previous posts the training had not really done what I was hoping it would do in terms of fitness for a good time.

I ended up having to just stop and rest to try and recover from my injury. The whole process was quite depressing really, not being able to run, and on the couple of occasions when I did try and do something, my leg just didn't seem to be any better. I'm not going to bore you with my meagre attempts at running since the end of October. Suffice to say that a few weeks of total rest were needed to allow the injury to heal.

So since the end of October and now, I've just done nothing in terms of training. I haven't cross trained or done anything, just rested. Oh, I did eat a lot though, and my diet has suffered somewhat so I'm carrying a few extra pounds that I need to get rid of now. Even the blog suffered, I just couldn't face it as I had just about enough of running and the fall out from my injury. So I'm feeling much better now both physically and mentally. Sometimes its good to have a break.

So today is my first run since falling apart at the end of October, and boy was it hard work. A nice slow 5 mile run but my HR was through the roof. My leg feels fine now, no pain, no aches at all so I think my rest has done the trick as far as the healing process is concerned. December is going to be a bit of a comeback for me, nice, easy running just to get back in the flow of things again. But also to shed the excess poundage that I've accumulated in the process of eating like I was still running 70 mile per week.

Todays run, first after injury........

Monday, October 22, 2007

Computer Disaster Strikes...(also a running update)

Apologies for the lack of posts over the last few days. There are a couple of reasons, firstly my computer took a fit and went into a constant cycle of re-booting itself endlessly following a power cut. In an effort to fix it and restore it I managed to format the hard drive. The built in software installed when I first got the machine is not that clear about how best it should be used (also I'm not that clever when it comes to computers) and there was insufficient warning on the option I selected to help restore it, before I realised it, it was formatting the drive.

So, having lost everything, I'm trying to get myself back up to speed (pun intended) again. My leg continues to give me a lot of hassle, despite the last two weeks where I've actually done very little running. The few runs I've done will get backfilled "behind" this post over the next few days according to the date I've run them.

The key decision I've made however is not to run the Marathon this weekend. I think I could do it quite easily but not in a time that I would be satisfied with. If I have to spend one/two months recovering from a marathon effort I'd like to do so on the basis that I have a chance of achieving a good time. And I'm not confident that I can do that. Rather then have to deal with a marathon recovery, I'm going to get back on track with what I was doing with the club prior to taking up this schedule. Also some shorter races as well. My leg still hurts, I believe it is shin splints, and although its not as bad as it was I'm trying to rest it. I can run on it despite the soreness, but not sure what damage I'll do by running 26 miles on it.

Its all very disappointing, but there it is. Re-focus and get back to building pace and speed endurance.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Long Run Day (or not.......), Marathons (or not.......)

After much deliberation I've decided not to do my long run today, there is no improvement with my leg at all. Just walking around caused a pain in my knee and down my shin. Whatever I've done to it has certainly caused me a problem. I've only got two more weeks before the marathon and I'm getting very concerned about it.

A number of things are on my mind, the training has not delivered what I hoped for despite the mileage. My pace has slowed and I've lost confidence in my ability to run the race I know I should be capable of. Now my leg is playing up for whatever reason, I'm beginning to seriously think about whether I'm in the right frame of mind for this race.

The problem is this, I could run but it'll be do or die on the day. I don't really feel properly prepared despite the training. Will I do further damage to my leg, possibly, and with the effort of a marathon how long will it take to recover? One - two months based on previous experience. Considering all of the above I just wonder if its worth the effort now. Am I better off not putting myself through what might be a painful and not very pleasant experience, or do it and suffer the consequences, then to take a couple of months to fully recover, before I can start to get back to training.

Even writing this entry for my blog is a negative experience, I'm not exactly giving myself the positive affirmation I should be for the race, but I'm trying to be realistic and to come to the best decision. I don't want to run a 3.45 - 4 hour marathon when I know I should be doing better then that, and to run that time and have to take many weeks to recover doesn't make sense in my mind. I don't enter these races just to have a day out, I want to run a good time. I don't mind having a bad day, but after all the training, I just don't feel like I'm at my best. To much slow stuff and not enough at a faster pace for me.

Still got two weeks to come to a final decision.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Medium Long Run - 12 Miles

I've got some heavy work commitments at the moment which are causing me to miss a few training sessions. So its putting me "off schedule". Even more concerning however is the pain I've got in my right leg, and it seems to be getting worse. I'm not sure what to do, do I rest it for a few days or carry on with the training as best I can. Obviously, I should rest it or else run the risk of doing more damage and putting the race in jeopardy.

Given my work commitments this week, a few days rest are probably not a bad thing, although the timing couldn't be worse so close to the marathon. I'm going to rest for the rest of the week and see how I feel on Saturday when I do my last long run of the schedule which is 17 miles. It feels like an extended taper I guess.

Tonights run was ok, but my leg is in pain every time it hits the ground. I think its a shin splint injury, and the only cure is rest. As I've mentioned, I've not had one before so I just don't know for sure.

Hmmmm, cause for concern at this stage though.

Todays run......

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Long Run - 20 Miles

I haven't been able to run all week until today. My right lower leg is suffering some sort of injury, but I'm just not sure what it is. Could it be a shin splint type injury? I never had one before so I'm not sure. It feels like my leg just wants to give way underneath me sometimes. It goes a bit weak and then feels like it wants to "collapse". Its a strange feeling but its been aching all week.

Today is my Long Run and I was reluctant not to do it, although concerned about making my leg worse in the process. In any event I did the run and actually had quite a nice run, last 5 miles I had to slow down a bit. Average pace for the distance is 8.05 min/mile at an average HR of 160bpm.

Now that I've stopped my right leg is sore again, and I'm getting more and more concerned about it. I'm going to rest it next week, but thats is not really what I need this close to the race. In any case, I think rest is better then training now, otherwise I risk making the problem worse I think. I have to confess that I'm just not really looking forward to this race and my mind is in a negative place at present. The schedule is not working for me, not my right leg is injured, and the race looming. It looks like I'm starting my taper early.

Bah Humbug............

Todays Long Run.........

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

11 Mile Aerobic Max HR 150bpm incl. 5 x 1200m @ 5k Pace

Tonights session was to include 5 x 1200m intervals at 5k pace which in my past sessions I estimated to be 6.30 min/mile pace, but I struggled with that pace a bit so I've decided to slow it down a little to 7 min/mile pace. These intervals are a bit longer then the previous ones I've done and I see no point in trying to keep a pace that I don't believe I can reach. As I've mentioned on a number of occasions in the past my pace does not appear to be what it once was.

The session went well and all but one of the intervals was on pace. There were a few hills in the way of one of the intervals which slowed me down to nearer an 8 min/mile pace. Overall I'm happy with this session, although I've got a sore right leg now that I'm finished. I'll have to keep an eye on that to see if its anything to worry about.

Todays session.......

Monday, October 01, 2007

Lactate Threshold - 10 miles

I was supposed to do a 6 mile recovery run this morning and a 4 mile recovery run this evening for a total of 10 easy miles. Unfortunately work commitments meant that I couldn't get out first thing so I combined the two run and did 10 this evening. I find my self so annoyed at my lack of performance recently that I just couldn't run slow and easy and found myself skipping along at a much faster pace then I should have been according to the schedule.

In the end I just went with it, and I ended up doing 10 miles with average pace of 7.56 min/mile and average HR of 160bpm. This is just under my Lactate Threshold HR which is in the range of 163-170bpm, and this is typically the pace that marathon runners want to be able to run at. The idea is to train close to your LT pace, to be able to increase your pace but just be able to stay under you LT pace and not accumulate lactate thereby reducing fatigue. Ideally you would like to see your pace increase for the same HR.

The last marathon I did was at a pace of 7.55 min/mile with an average HR 170bpm over the distance. But whilst I set a PB in that marathon the last 8 miles were very difficult with lots of cramp forcing me to stop and stretch several times. I had started out a bit faster as well. It seems like my HR is lower for the same average pace as my last marathon which is good, but its also nowhere near where I would like to be.

Perhaps my original objective was just too ambitious for me, and at this stage I'm sitting here thinking anything better then 7.55 min/mile is ok. One other blog I follow that was also following a Pfitzinger & Scott schedule ran a marathon last weekend in the US with a target time of 3.10 but ended up doing it in 3.27 I think my original plan needs updating and will decide on pace closer to the race. It seems that these schedules didn't work out for him either.

This evenings run...........